Wombourne Bowls Club 2020
Wombourne Bowls Club 2020
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Dear Club Members,
The Management Committee met again yesterday evening and we are very pleased to announce that the Club will be re-opening Tuesday 7 July at 6 pm.  There are no changes to the regular opening and closing hours. 
As mentioned in our previous communication, there will be limited availability of drinks on offer and at the moment they are:
We are trying not to disappoint, so you need to be aware that there is a limited quantity of each of these drinks, just in case we do run out of your favourite tipple !!
Bottled beers, soft drinks, wine and spirits are also available. There are no real ales on offer at the moment, but Kealan is working hard behind the scenes to ensure delivery of these as soon as the breweries can oblige. 
It was decided that initially, the smoking area will be towards the bottom of the main bowling green away from any benches around the green. If there is more than one member in this area, please observe social distancing guidelines, not only from fellow smokers but also from any member playing bowls. Members wishing to smoke will leave the club via the Bowls Green patio door and will re-enter the club via the Main entrance door. Please be aware that if you are a member waiting to gain admission, you may see one of the smokers walk straight back in.  If there are members who smoke and are already seated on the Cricket patio, then you can use the designated smoking area there. 
Again, may we remind you of the strict protocols and guidelines that were outlined in the original email to ensure a safe and secure re-opening for all. 
We appreciate that some of you may be disappointed about the delay in re-opening however, as stated previously, the health and safety of staff and customers are of paramount importance to the Committee.  To this end, we feel our preparations to welcome you back safely will be well implemented and you will arrive at a Club which has undergone a thorough deep clean, including the toilets, bar, kitchen and cellar.
We look forward to opening the doors at last.
Kind regards
Management Committee.



Dear Members
We hope you have all been keeping safe and well since the last time the club opened its doors on Friday 20 March.
As you are probably all aware the Government has given the go-ahead for pubs/clubs and restaurants to re-open on Saturday 4 July. However, the Committee has unanimously agreed we will not be re-opening the club on this date to allow more time to ensure that we have everything in place as the safety of staff and members is paramount.
As a Committee, we have been and continue to hold meetings using various mediums to agree how best we can get the club open again safely and securely for everyone.  
Kealan and his staff have been briefed regarding new operating procedures to ensure social distancing is observed throughout and how customer service will be strictly controlled. 
As you will no doubt realise, the "club experience" will be very much different to the one we knew prior to lockdown.  The Committee has been careful to ensure we comply with Government Guidelines at every stage and our visiting members' support and consideration are pivotal to the success of the new measures put in place.  
Posters will be displayed around the club, with signage and distancing markers and a list of safety rules on every table. These must be read and understood as adherence to these instructions is key to us remaining open.
We make no apologies if any of the below appear obvious to you, as stated earlier we have a duty of care and it is vital we adhere to these procedures to ensure compliance is met before re-opening. We can not stress enough the importance of meeting these guidelines at all times, as failure to do so may result in members being asked to leave the club and possibly be subject to the club`s disciplinary procedure, as ultimately if guidelines are not adhered to it may result in the club being closed.
There will be one entrance to the clubhouse via the main front door and one exit which is via the Bowls patio. You must use your membership card to gain entry, only members will be allowed into the club.  Non-members may be allowed to visit once lockdown is eased further, but until then, are strictly not allowed in the club. Before entering the club you will be asked to sanitize your hands - sanitizers will be installed at each entrance/exit point and near to each WC entrance.
Once you are in the club, you must produce your membership card when requested by Bar Staff, Committee Member or Volunteers from Section Sub Committees.  It is important that you are aware that your details can be passed onto relevant authorities to assist in "Track and Trace".  We ask that if there is the slightest sign that a member of the club or a member of their household is displaying symptoms of Covid - 19 that they do not attend the club under any circumstances.  
You will be directed to an empty table, where if you choose, you can sit with one other household.  Again, please read the safety rules on the table.  Both clubrooms will be open, but there will be a reduced number of tables in the clubhouse and on the patios to allow social distancing.  Members are also welcome to sit on the cricket patio, bowls patio and the benches around the sporting areas.  The main club room will have a maximum number of 50 people, 10 in the member's lounge, 15 on the cricket patio and 1 household per bench. Under no circumstances must any of the tables and chairs in these areas be moved from their original positions.  Also if you decide to sit outside and the weather turns, you will only be allowed into the clubhouse if there is capacity. Cleansing will take place each time a seating area is vacated. 
There will be a new way of ordering drinks/snacks, this will be via table service and payment will be by card only, no cash payments will be accepted.  Under no circumstances must anyone stand at or approach the bar.  
Unfortunately, there will be limited availability of some drinks/snacks on offer so please bear with us until deliveries get back to normal.
In addition to the above compliance measures, you will also be asked to ensure no congregating in groups. Once you`re at your table, that`s where you must remain except for visits to WC.   Children are welcome and must stay with you at your table/bench at all times.  We appreciate that it is difficult for children to keep still for a period of time, but it is vital that they do so for everyone's safety.   The last thing we want to do is ask you to leave, so please keep your children under strict supervision.
Please maintain 1 - 2-metre social distancing.   Internal doors are to remain wedged open and where possible external doors and windows will be open to improve ventilation. 
Until things get back to "normal", some of the things we love to do when we visit the club are not allowed at the moment. So for the foreseeable, there will be no live bands, no bingo, no playing of Darts or table games (Dominoes, Cards etc) where the equipment is provided by the Club.  You're welcome to bring your own tabletop games. There will also be no sporting events shown on TV (this includes Sky Sports news), but the background music is permitted at a low volume.  
Finally (thank goodness I hear you say),  when we do re-open we are bound to experience teething problems, but please bear with us and particularly the staff as the "new normal" may take some getting used to. The Committee is meeting again this evening on Wednesday 1 July and we will update you after this meeting to confirm an official opening date. 
Take care and hope to see you very soon.
Management Committee 




To All members
Delighted to let you know we have been given permission to open the greens from this Monday. Please read the guidelines we need to follow.

Both greens will be open from Monday 18th May. Guidance and restrictions are in place as advised by the British Crown Green Bowls Association and the main Committee. We all need to follow the Guidelines given and it is up to everyone to play their part so we are able to continue to bowl.

To comply with the requirements of the Club we need to have a booking system. We have put one in place and have tried to keep this as straightforward as possible. We may find that these need adjusting when we start playing.

If anyone has any problems whilst at the club please contact me.

I am aware that some people do not have email and I will be dealing with this. If you know of someone please let me know.

Only members of Wombourne Bowls Club allowed to play

Two games of two players on the top green, One game of two on the bottom green

You can bowl with a member of your family OR with one person from outside your family

Players must use their own bowls. Please avoid handling any bowls except your own.

You must also bring a Jack. Please wear a glove when handling the Jack

No spectators

Time slots are of one hour. These must be pre-booked.

Please arrive for your game as near to your start time as possible.

Please do not remain at the club when you have finished playing.

There is a break of fifteen minutes between games

Social Distancing must be observed at all times even on the green

The club will be placing hand sanitizers around all playing areas as soon as possible. Please bring your own hand sanitizers for the time being.

The main club buildings will not be open therefore no toilet facilities will be available

Please do not park in coned parking spaces.


Please email your request to: david@davidandtricia.plus.com


between 9.00am – 12 noon the day before you want to play


Only one booking at a time can be made – no block bookings


Please give a second choice in case the first is not available


Bookings will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis


Please give the names of both players (Christian and surnames), top or bottom green and time required


You will receive a confirmation email


Each booking is for one hour. Times as shown


Monday, Wednesday, Friday

11.30am – 12.30am

12.45am – 13.45am

14.00pm – 15.00pm

15.15pm – 16.15pm

16.30pm – 17.30pm

17.45pm – 18.45pm

19.00pm – 20.00pm


Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday

09.00am – 10.00am

10.15am – 11.15am

11.30am – 12.30am

12.45pm – 13.45pm

14.00pm – 15.00pm

15.15pm – 16.15pm

16.30pm – 17.30pm

17.45pm – 18.45pm

19.00pm – 20.00pm


It is with much sadness that I have to inform you that Jackie Hinton passed away in the early hours of this morning 5th May 2020.

Jackie was one of our social bowlers and last year won the Consolation Cup. A quiet and charming lady who will be very much missed. Her husband Alan will be known to many of you as he is a keen league bowler.

I am sure that we would all like to extend our sincere sympathy to Alan and family at this sad time.




To County Secretaries, Management and Officers, Leagues and Members.

Following the Government announcement this afternoon it is with great sadness that we now have to suspend all bowling for the foreseeable future.

Based on the advice announced we need to avoid all mass gatherings and sporting event as these will no longer be supported by the emergency services. 

If anyone within your household has symptoms then the whole family need to isolate for 14 days.

Limit social contact wherever possible and encourage working from home. 

At risk groups - those over 70 and those with medical conditions need to take additional care.

All BCGBA meetings should now be postponed as un-necessary travel should be avoided. Contact in Pubs, Clubs and restaurants to be avoided. 

Taking this all into account all leagues should now suspend matches until such time as we are given an all clear to resume competition.

All BCGBA and BCGLCC Competitions are now suspended until further notice this should include all qualifier events. 

As a Bowls community we need to look after our members and I encourage you to follow the advice being given and support those we are able to at this very difficult time. 

I will add links onto the website / face-book as these are updated. 

Please take care of yourself and stay safe.  

On behalf of the Management Committee BCGBA
Chris Hasselby  (BCGBA Chairman)
Mark Bircumshaw (CEO





Tidy up around the greens, we’re looking to start at 10am SATURDAY 14/03/2020 nothing too strenuous, we will be clearing out the ditches, removing weeds from the slabbed areas and some general maintenance of the furniture around the greens. We also have some new tables and benches to put together so thinking about what  we’re going to need you to bring along if you could is the following:
Paint brushes
Scrapers/small trowels 
Garden vac/blower
Selection of screwdrivers 
  We really need your help so please come along many hands and all that would finish the job in no time at all?


Last year about 20 members turned up let’s see if we can top that this n




Connah Warr has been appointed chairman of our bowls club, Connah has been around the club pretty much all his life so knows the club inside out and at 21 years of age has become the youngest chairman we have ever had, what he lacks in experience he will more than make up with enthusiasm and a wealth of experience to call upon within our club. Exciting times going forward in the next chapter for our great club and I’m sure you all wish him every success in his new role congratulations Connah Warr.





Special thanks to Jackie Granger who worked tirelessly in the time she was in the role as bowls section chairman, Jackie resigned on Saturday with immediate effect and I’m sure we all wish her well for the future.




TO SATURDAY 14/03/2020
we’re having a clean up around our bowling greens so we are asking for as many volunteers as we can muster “many hands make light work” and all that, nothing too strenuous so please don’t be shy come down and do what you can to help please. I’ll post more details as we move closer to the day many thanks in advance.









Winter bowls is OFF Saturday 29/02/2020 due to the weather sorry.








BOWLS ETIQUETTE for our new bowlers and a reminder for our experienced bowlers for the season ahead.


As a team member you are expected to be present throughout the entire game and not just when you are playing your own game. When you are not playing you are expected to support the players on the green including marking score cards if required.


Arrive in good time especially if you are playing on your home green as you are allowed to practice before play commences. If you arrive late you will be disqualified and the game awarded to your opponent.


Smoking and Mobile Phones are not allowed on the green.


Introduce yourself and shake hands with your opponent(s) before play commences.


Bowls should not be dropped on the Green.


Do not spit on the green or on your bowls in order to grip them more firmly.


During the game do not talk or move around when your opponent is about to deliver his bowl. Stand well back, keep quiet and do not do anything that would distract your opponent. Wait until the bowl has been delivered before moving.


Bowls should not be kicked in until the result of the end has been agreed by both players.


Bowling is a friendly game and all players should show courtesy and good sportsmanship.


All Bowlers should know the Rules as laid down by the British Crown Green Bowling Association.


After the Game you should once again shake hands with your opponent(s) and congratulate/commiserate with them appropriately.


Place litter and cigarette ends in the bins and ashtrays provided for this purpose and not in the ditches around the edge of the green.


After the evening games some teams choose to round off the night with a small beverage in one of the local hostelries where the game is invariably replayed, analysed and discussed in depth! There is of course no compulsion to attend!


Knowledge of the above will make you a more respected bowler, keep things friendly and contribute towards the enjoyment of the game for everyone involved, both on and off the green.








Winter bowls is on Saturday 08/02/2020 11:30am as long as it’s frost free.





Sorry no winter bowls tomorrow Saturday 18th January the green is just too wet for us to play.





Winter bowls is back Saturday 4th January from 11.30am look forward to seeing you all 






Greens closed until further notice so no winter bowls tomorrow Saturday 21st Sorry





Just to let you know the bottom green is closed with immediate effect we will let you all know on Saturday morning if we can play this week 21st December sorry for inconvenience.




Another great Saturday of winter bowls. even though it was cold around 16 of you showed up thank you and hope to see you all next Saturday 21st December 11.30am








































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































GARY MILES 6 3 3 3
JIM RIVVET 5 3 2 3
ANN CAIN 3 2 1 2
JOHN WARD 2 2 0 2
JOHN CAIN 3 1 2 1
SAM WRIGHT 2 1 1 1






Not on our Green










Easter Sunday

Easter Egg Competition















B/H Weekend

American – Mixed Doubles

Draw for partner









Ladies County


B/H Weekend













Invitation doubles

Invite bowlers from other clubs









Ladies County




Draw for partner


28th – Fri


Judy Griffiths – Breast Cancer




Ladies County Doubles – 2.00pm












Wombourne Carnival




Pro Am





Ladies County



Forget-me-not Memorial Day
















Target Doubles





Ladies County


B/H Weekend













Club Championship


3rd – Tue


Alf Harman – 11.00am start


6th – Fri


John Bett – Prostate Cancer






10th – Tue


Jess Wood – 11.00am start





Ladies County







Chairman’s Challenge



Check in for Sunday Competitions closes at 1.45.

£1.00 Per Player


All new members very welcome.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Great news bowlers. as you hopefully know, the bottom green is already open and now the top green will open this sunday march 24th (weather permitting). lets hope that the sun shines on us.                                                                                                     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thank You.  On Saturday 6th January we asked for volunteers to a working party to clear the paths and gullies of leaves and twigs. A magnificent turnout of over 20 bowls members made light work of the task in hand with a generous serving of fun and banter to help us along. Thank you to everyone who gave your time and energy. Lets do it again before the season starts.

The Summer of Development

Well done to Les and Jacky Phillips for all their hard work in formulating, planning, initiating, promoting, gaining funding, procuring for and running the Thursday morning crown green bowls taster and coaching sessions this summer holiday. The initiative has been a huge success with over 70 participants aged from 5 to 75 years experiencing our sport for the first time and getting bitten by the bug. As a result, many of those who tried the sport out have applied to join and carry on bowling, which is a fantastic result and a fitting testimony to all of their drive and effort.

Young and Old

All ages came along and enjoyed, practising new skills.

County Bowls News: The South Staffs Ladies County Team play this weekend against Mid-Cheshire, and two of our Ladies are involved: Debbie Tudor is selected to play No 8 away from home at the Red Lion in Frodsham, with Jackie Granger selected as a reserve at the same fixture. Alison Morgan was also selected but had to withdraw. Best of luck to the South Staffs Ladies on Sunday 24 April and in particular to Debbie and Jackie - we know you will do Wombourne proud!

Meanwhile, congratulations to our juniors Ben Fieldhouse, Connah Warr and Millie Warr who are all selected to play for Staffs Junior County v Lancashire on Sunday 8 May 2016. All three are in the home side, playing at Woodfield (bottom green). Well done, and the best of British to you too!!

Fantastic performances from two of Wombourne's Juniors today in the County's Mini Minor Major competition at Pennfields. First, Ben Fieldhouse battled his way through to the final in the "Major" age group category, finishing runner up to the winner Josh Jarvis. Well done Ben, a great effort! At the same time, Millie Warr was pulling up trees in the "Minor" age group, progressing to the final smoothly before beating Connor Bray to take County honours! Well done Millie, superb achievement! The photo shows Millie with Staffs County Honorary Treasurer, Registrar and Welfare Officer Mark Bircumshaw, Junior County manager Chris Lester watches on. Congratulations to both, particularly to the new Staffordshire Juniors Minor Champion 2016, Millie Warr!




The new safety fence to the bottom green is Completed.


This will enable us to use this green at any time without restrictions when cricket matches are being played.


So on Sundays when you have been 'knocked out' of the competition you can get some practice in.




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